Goal Champions workshops optimize teams through valuable human interactions. We help individuals get clear on their goal, while connecting with colleagues to champion one another.

Workshop Outcomes

Workshop participants set clear goals that can translate into OKRs (Objectives + Key Results).

Participants create a vision board to manifest their goals.

Setting strong goals boosts performance by motivating people to increase their effort,

clarify focus, and prioritize.

Using the SMART method combined with a vision board, participants are challenged to think big, then create a roadmap that feels achievable. 

People are 90% more likely to achieve what they’ve set their mind to when the goals are both specific and challenging. ‚Äč

 American Psychological Association


What is your goal


Define 3 measurable milestones


List the actions needed to achieve milestones


Anticipate barriers and how to overcome


Set completion dates for each milestone

Goal Champions can design a workshop agenda to engage and inspire your team. 

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