Better Together

Goal Champions facilitates connection across teams and colleagues with Pods, groups of 3-8 people who meet regularly to champion each other.

Why Pods?

Setting clear goals is the first step. But what happens the Monday after, and the 5 Mondays after that?​

Goal Champions facilitates Pod meetings post-workshop to keep people accountable.

Colleagues provide an invaluable human sounding board in an increasingly automated world. 

Accountability partners have been shown to increase goal achievement by 95% compared to those who don't have a champion. 

"Natural selection mandated us to be in groups to survive"

Goal Champions can design a program to connect your teams. The outcome is increased camaraderie and knowledge exchange.

"Natural selection mandated us to be in groups to survive"

Michael Gazzaniga, Neuroscientist and Psychologist

"Being connected to others makes me show up every week, I feel accountable”​

Melody, Education Consultant

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