Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide coaching?

Goal Champions helps colleagues champion one another. Our approach is more peer mentorship than 1:1 coaching. 

How is Goal Champions different than a coach?

Goal Champions does not coach 1:1. Instead we facilitate resource and knowledge exchange amongst colleagues. Recurring Pod meetings help people troubleshoot barriers and celebrate small wins, together.

How can I bring Goal Champions to my company?

Say hello! Tell us about your company and/or what your vision is for group goal setting.

Is Goal Champions a professional development program?

Yes we are. Goal Champions can help individuals develop their professional goals. We can also design a program to facilitate mentor relationships.

Can I have a Goal Champions workshop with my friends?
What are your fees?

Yes! We can collaborate to co-host a workshop for groups of friends or affinity groups. Drop us a line to tell us what you are looking for.

Each workshop and Pod program is unique. We will create a custom proposal based on your company's needs and the number of employee participants.

Goal Champions can facilitate a professional development program for your team.

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